Hunsley Christian Youth Trust Newsletter April 2022

Its been another busy term, but looking back just a bit further, before the Christmas break Adam and Petra, our workers from Label of Love produced an online Christmas assembly video, made available for all students to watch during their tutor time. In the video we talked about God coming to earth ‘unmasked’ as a baby, vulnerable, open, approachable. In part to share with us the truth that we can ‘unmask’ ourselves before Him and come just as we are. A great opportunity to share this Gospel truth with the students in the school.

Adam says: “January soon came around and Petra and myself were back in the school mentoring students. Meeting them individually for 30 minutes each week. These sessions often give us the opportunity to share our testimony about how God has been a rock in our lives and is an ongoing source of strength. A lot of young people we see are under confident, anxious and feel ‘lost.’ We feel our role is to encourage, support and listen to them”.

One young person commented ‘I feel more confident in myself and feel less anxious in lesson.’

A few weeks into the term we started a new support group for Year 7 students who were in need of some help to make friends and develop strategies about how to manage life’s challenges. At the beginning of every session we share a bible verse with them and ask them to reflect and comment on how they feel about it. One week we used 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 Love is patient… It was fun to hear their comments ‘I don’t show any of those to people’ and another ‘we should all try to be more like that.’ We were able to say this is from the bible and Christians believe that this is what God is like.

I asked the students to write down their thoughts about the group and here is what they said;

‘This group has made me feel better and more confident and how to deal with bullies.’

‘I can open up more to my friends and family, I thought they would react I way I wouldn’t like but they didn’t.’

This groups helps me feel happier and control my anger and anxiety. It has also helped me find more friends and find out more about myself.’

The group finished at the end of the spring term and another will start soon after the Easter break. Along with the students we have found the groups to be great opportunity to talk about many things – faith, wellbeing, friendship. The work is not unseen by the teachers either: the teacher who’s classroom we use said ‘I think what your doing is inspiring… the students don’t have many opportunities like this.’

Adam and Petra were asked to make another assembly video for Easter. The theme was JOY! Adam shared why Easter is a special festival for Christians around the world and why they are filled with joy. They also filmed some work in another school they had been doing about the power of forgiveness and why Jesus put significance on forgiveness.

Petra continued to deliver assemblies in Elloughton Primary School one a month to KS1 &KS2. This term’s themes have included ‘confidence’ and ‘resilience.’ The children have responded well to Petra’s enthusiastic delivery. Adam will be carrying on delivering the assemblies next term.