Hunsley Christian Youth Trust Newsletter Easter 2024

Secondary school work – South Hunsley

At the end of a busy spring term for Hunsley Christian Youth Trust and our ministry partner Label of Love (LoL), Adam Norton, our schools worker from LoL, shares his reflections and plans:

Mentoring students one to one has continued. Since last September I’ve supported 22 individual students through a mentoring programme, with ranges of success. It’s not always easy to evaluate or measure with accuracy how the sessions have helped.  However, each session with these students have given me an opportunity to pray for them before they arrive, to share my Christian faith during sessions and how that foundation in my life has supported me. I’m able to share any words of encouragement or support prompted by the Holy Spirit and any bible verses that may be relevant to the work we are doing. Here are some responses from the lads who have now finished:

  • “I just like that I can talk to someone, you are the only person I feel able to share stuff with and it really helps” – yr 10 student.
  • “I didn’t think coming here would help me but it has, I feel more confident in myself and able to deal with challenges” – yr 8 student.
  • “you are always encouraging and help me think about my life” – yr 7 student.

I started a small group after half term with a focus on building friendships, resilience and self acceptance. We start each session with a bible verse and reflect together before starting the session, this always has some interesting conversations.

A few comments from the group:

  • “I don’t like people and hate group work but this has actually been quite good, I suppose” this comment made me laugh but it is a huge milestone for this student who previously would not engage with any support offered and has taken at least three attempts to get him to be part of my group.
  • “I like the different fidget toys and talking about things” Yr 9 group work student.

Before Christmas I sent out posters and created a video to start a new faith based lunchtime club but it hasn’t taken off as intended. There are a few different reasons as to why but I think a new approach is needed. Since February half term I’ve started to attend an already established lunchtime club and taken some ‘big questions’ to start discussions.

After the Easter break I’m going to start a lunchtime walk about to hopefully engage students outside on the play group, taking snacks and questions with me. My hope is to attract young people into conversations about faith, life and Jesus, with the intention of starting something more permanent.

We have led two assemblies at Elloughton since Christmas:  I led one in January on kindness, retelling the good samaritan story and talking about Gods kindness to us; my colleague Micheal delivered the one in February on integrity and did a great job getting the children involved, bringing lots of joy and enthusiasm.

I’m excited about this new term and have high hopes for the lunchtime walkabout.

Thank you for your continued prayerful and financial support.

Every Blessing, Adam Norton, Schools worker at Label of Love

Hopes for primary school work

Early in the New Year were pleasantly surprised to receive some funds designed to enable us to offer some support to more of the primary schools in the Hunsley area.  We have worked up some detailed plans and are now looking for the best way of delivering this work.  Please do pray that the Lord opens the right doors for us !

Please do pray for us !

There’s lots to thank the Lord for, and lots that we would ask you to join us to pray over:

  • Thank the Lord for all the opportunities Adam has had since Christmas to share his faith – see his report above.
  • The students who Adam is able to mentor.
  • The new club and lunchtime walk-abouts.
  • Year 6 students who have finished at primary school and who are preparing during the forthcoming summer term to transition to high school.
  • The new school year, starting early September.
  • For teaching and support staff.
  • For Adam himself.
  • That the Lord opens the right doors for us in regard to offering some support to more of the primary schools in the Hunsley area.
  • For the Trustees at HCYT to know the Lord’s guiding for our work going forward.

For details of our termly prayer meetings see our “home” page.