Hunsley Christian Youth Trust Newsletter Christmas 2023

At the end of a busy autumn term for Hunsley Christian Youth Trust and our ministry partner Label of Love (LoL), our schools worker from LoL, Adam Norton, shares his reflections and plans.

After the summer break I always feel excited about getting back into school and working with students. Thankfully this year I had been organised.. Back in July I prepared a list of students ‘lined up’ ready to see in September, otherwise it can take a few weeks to get back into the swing.

So the first week back was a success and some of them had remembered their appointments, hurray! I had to chase a few around the school but by the second week my day was “back to back” students.

As I’ve mentioned in previous updates, the school provide a “link person” for me: Claire Coppini left at the end of July and I now link in with Jayne Forggett.  She has been fantastic at organising students and her clear communication has helped to keep things moving forward.

I have seven 1:1 students who I see every week and recently started a group work programme with 5 students.

I had worked with a year 11 student last year who was facing some challenges and didn’t know if he would pass his GCSE’s. It gave me great joy to see him in 6th form in September. He came to find me and tell me that the support and encouragement I gave him “was a real help though a difficult time” He actually now wants to help younger students who are struggling and support them 1:1.

Another good news story from my time spent with students is from a yr 10 student who started to see me just before October half term. He was in a very fragile and vulnerable way and struggled to come into school at all. Home life was difficult for him and he didn’t have any hope or self confidence. Initially he wouldn’t speak at all and just wanted to play a board game in silence. Over the weeks he slowly began to open up and share with me about his life. Today he is remarkably different, still struggles of course, but in a much better place. Last week I asked him has it helped you coming here! He said “I didn’t want to come at first but I’m pleased I came here, thank you.”

As I’ve said before, students find spending time with a trusted adult deeply powerful and they don’t always see the good it’s doing at the time. It’s often on reflection they see what an impact it’s had and long may it continue.

I had two assemblies at Elloughton last term on the theme of ‘community’. I spoke about Christians in the book of Acts, sharing what they had with no one in need. I took in cake ingredients to help me explain this idea, which they enjoyed immensely.  I have more assembles booked in for next year.

What’s next:

After Christmas I will be starting a new lunchtime club with a focus on discussing life’s Big Questions, is there a God, if so what does that mean for me, where do I fit in, is there more to life than this. The group will be open to all the intention to invite Christian students. I will be providing some snacks and drinks

I’ve sent posters and a video to tutor groups so that they are aware of the group starting and will hopefully see a group develop over the next few weeks.

As I continue to support the students at South Hunsley I look forward to the year ahead.


Adam Norton

Part of Label of Love Schools Team

There’s lots to thank the Lord for, and lots that we would ask you to join us to pray over:

  • The students who Adam is able to mentor.
  • The new Big Questions lunchtime club – see update above.
  • For teaching and support staff.
  • For Adam himself.
  • For the Trustees at HCYT to Know the Lord’s guiding as we continue this school year.

For details of our termly prayer meetings see our “home” page.